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British National Beehives

Based in a small workshop in Tideswell in the Peak District we make Highest Quality British National Beehives out of 1st grade American Western Red Cedar or High Quality Red Deal according to the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) Modified National Hive Plans. Everything we sell we make here in the Peak District. We also stock other items of Beekeeping Supplies including Frames, Foundation Wax and Hive Tools. The driving forces behind peak-hives.co.uk are sustainability and quality workmanship. Sustainability because, well it matters quite a bit we think and quality workmanship because customer satisfaction is paramount.

Cedar Scarcity.

Unfortunately building materials are extremely scarce at the moment and pricing is highly volatile. This goes for Western Red Cedar too. I have decided that until the market settles down I will not be making up any Cedar hives or hive parts. We'll be back in operation once the supply issues have been resolved. Many thanks.


Want to see your National Hive being made? Here's what's going on in the workshop right now. The image is updated every 10 minutes during working hours. Click to see full size...



The rest of the centre column is an ongoing blog of what's new at peak-hives.co.uk and other items of interest...veg garden...renewables etc, but please don't let reading about the allotment distract you from placing your order...:-)

Ashforth Feeders

The weather’s turned a bit unpleasant here in the Peak and due to my swarm control activities I have a new nucleus colony.  I’ve decided to feed them up and made up a pair of Ashforth Feeders, one for a full size National Hive and one for my 5 frame Nucleus Hives.  I tried the plastic contact feeders that most of the other suppliers sell and having been warned by experienced beeks that they were rubbish I can confirm from my own experience that they’re right.  They are rubbish.  I’ve decided to opt for the Ashforth as the best feeder.  The other option would be the Miller but according to other beeks they are not as good as they require your hive to be perfectly level (and I know mine aren’t).

They are made of First Grade Cedar and have a bee space underneath to allow the bees maximum access to the syrup.  The full size feeder can easily accomodate 10 litres of syrup and the nucleus size around 5 litres.  I’ll be adding them as Peak Hives products as soon as the broadband arrives at the new house.

Ashforth Feeders

Ashforth Feeders

2 comments to Ashforth Feeders

  • Mark Tointon

    That’s a substantial feeder!

    Hi Nick, I collected a nuc of bees last Saturday and installed them in the first of the two hives I got from you in the Spring (should have been earlier, but one supplier let me down … not their fault, they were let down as well … long story).

    I have put a crown board and super (without any frames) on top of the brood chamber, covering one of the crown board holes with a small piece of slate and positioning a Rapid Feeder over the central hole … the super gives the height needed for the feeder and I can now simply lift off the lid of the hive and of the rapid feeder to top it up … I can inspect syrup levels without getting togged up in a bee suit, because the bees are not disturbed at all by this.

    Having said this, the Rapid Feeder is just to provide some top up to get the nuc going … it has limited capacity, so to avoid taking off the roof during the winter and reducing the hive temperature (even by a small amount in the time it takes), for over-winter feeding I am sure that the Ashforth feeder could be a worthwhile purchase.

    I got the Rapid Feeder from Thornes branch at Stockbridge in Hampshire … it looked a lot easier to use than a contact feeder.

    Cheers, Mark

  • admin

    Best of luck with the nuc Mark! As regards the rapid feeders I’m just reporting what I’ve been told and my own negative experience. There again it is possible that it was down to ‘user error’ I suppose. I ended up with syrup dripping all over the place and I remember thinking it was a good thing it wasn’t at the height of the wasp season.